What if we could create
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Plug. Play. Grow.

Arrive, get started, make things happen: NXT is a new hub of education, networking and growth in the slipstream of Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER). A vibrant urban village located on the brand-new campus of XU Exponential University, Germany’s first university for digitalisation and technology. It creates an inspirational climate for the cultivation of creativity and cooperation. Fostered by exemplary sustainability and driven by the combined creative power of education, research, technology and business, new jobs and spaces for a brighter future are born – here in the NXT airport collaborative village for new work and next-generation growth.

Inspiring collective growth

A single location that offers the perfect environment for holistic processes and circular value chains, complemented by attractive office spaces, functions and collaborative-use services. Nestled in an inspirational setting that enables healthy and enjoyable working and learning. NXT is an integrated hub for digitalisation and technology, for knowledge sharing and education and for offices and recreation.

Inspiring collective growth

Seed. Flourish. Harvest.


An unquenchable thirst for knowledge as a location factor: anchor tenant XU Group creates a campus-like atmosphere, serves as a driver and content creator for life-long learning and provides skilled young talent on-site in the areas of tech and digital.


Sharing and creating: spaces for workshops, seminars and conferences/events are available for networking and shared use, along with co-working and tech labs for co-creative processes and fab labs/ateliers for prototyping and light manufacturing.


Green architecture, revitalising oases of calm and regular events/activities, along with a sustainable restaurant and apartment hotel, supplement day-to-day amenities in the intelligently networked campus where everything is close by.

Berlin Zentrum
Potsdam Hbf
In an excellent location in one of the fastest-growing (tech) regions of Germany’s capital – and with direct links to Berlin’s new infrastructure hub – NXT is a magnet for the international tech avant garde.
  • Adlershof
  • Südkreuz
  • Hermannstraße
  • Berlin Zentrum
  • Mediaspree
  • Hauptbahnhof
  • Potsdam Hbf
NXT to Brandenburg
Brandenburg is currently evolving into a model region for carbon-free green industry – a vision that is putting the state at the forefront of the energy transition. And it has already carved out an excellent reputation that has attracted firms such as Tesla, which itself represents a further growth driver.
3 minutes and 40 seconds to Terminal 1: as the penultimate stop on the direct rapid transit line (S-Bahn) between Berlin and BER, NXT sits in direct proximity to the global aviation hub. The international flair of the airport meets the idyllic village feeling of Schönefeld-Waßmannsdorf – a unique contrast that creates an inspirational atmosphere.

Green Urban Village

The project – with its exceptional commitment to sustainability, health and well-being – is inspired by a Brandenburg-style village built around a village green with its typical structures – and reinterpreted with green buildings. Thanks to eco-friendly construction using renewable building materials – with impervious surfaces kept to a minimum and with lovingly maintained greenery on roofs and facades – the site boasts a flexible usage concept that fosters organic growth and intuitive networking. Just like in a village, all open spaces represent an energising and collective part of the overall concept, thereby serving as places of communication, regeneration and interaction. A green urban village for architects of the future and drivers of change.

... with LEED Platinum and WiredScore certification.

Wood hybrid

Wood hybrid

Environmentally friendly, resource-efficient and sustainable: the buildings are constructed in a wood-hybrid style. Visually and environmentally impressive, they are seeking to obtain LEED platinum certification.

Net-zero hero

Net-zero hero

CO2-neutral operation: the holistic energy concept consisting of photovoltaics, geothermal energy, green electricity and exemplary energy efficiency ensures a climate-neutral carbon footprint with low running costs.

ESG framework

ESG framework

User well-being: efficient temperature control and optimal use of daylight ensure a healthy way of living indoors. The small biotope area not only guarantees an excellent ecological footprint, but also strengthens resilience to stress as a biophilic workplace